We believe that Big Data is changing the world. And the latest analytics platforms are helping to redefine business. Our Big Data and Analytics practice covers the entire lifecycle of data, from data creation to monetization of the data. Success of Big Data initiatives depends on taking a holistic view of the Data, across the enterprise. Our robust methodology, is further facilitated by leveraging our Agile approach.

The services provided by B12 Consulting™ Big Data team include:

  • Review the client’s Big Data architecture and define the strategy
  • Define the skill-sets required to implement the strategy and develop a talent acquisition plan
  • Create a budget for the next phase of the big data project
  • Developing proof of concept for business models and for technology validation
  • Implementing the project through a multi-shore model, to leverage global talent and optimize the project costs
  • Enable the ongoing success of the project through an Agile approach to Big Data initiatives