B12 OpsCenter

A Heritage of Service Assurance Excellence

When you implement B12 OpsCenter, you take advantage of nearly two decades of service assurance expertise that will help you:

  • Manage the performance of the entire network with a single tool
  • Use data from all network domains
  • Get up and running faster with industry-specific configurations and integrations
  • View operations and performance in real-time across all types of users

B12 OpsCenter – powered by IBM® Tivoli® Netcool® helps telecommunications and enterprise organizations deliver outstanding service assurance visualization, control and automation to their customers through real-time prediction, monitoring and optimization of the service.

Move from Reactive to Proactive Network Management

Ensure mission critical applications never go down with OpsCenter’s sophisticated service assurance software. OpsCenter captures, correlates and analyzes all network data in real-time, learns the relationships between metrics and generates alarms when anomalies are detected. This predictive approach improves performance and reduces system downtime.